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This is the oil and gas industries newest community website, created by NatResPro. Anyone involved in, or is interested in oil and gas is welcome to join and contribute.

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  • This category discusses a topic related to starting a business in the energy industry. Ranging from one person consultancies to venture-funded start-ups. You can ask questions to get feedback on business ideas, products and services as well as taking the temperature of the market.
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  • Community News
    This is where the administrators and moderators of the NatResPro community announce news and updates. These updates will be specifically about the forum, rather than general industry information. Likely topics will include new features, bug fixes or press related news. The comments section will be available to all users, and left open to encourage feedback and accountability.
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  • General discussions
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  • Discussions here relate to the evolution of the energy industry and what the future holds. Human history has shown gradual changes in heating fuel choices. Now, with technology marching forward faster than ever, there are likely to be a few surprises on the horizon. Cold fusion? Completely clean burning coal? Abundant solar? Something else?
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  • These discussions relate to the exploration and production (E&P) of hydrocarbons, chiefly Oil and Gas. Topics include discoveries, surface and mineral rights, surveys, drilling, cores, cutting, completions, workovers, abandonment and so on.
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  • This category has discussions relating to midstream activities in the oil and gas industry. As we know, most of the world production areas aren't in the same areas as the people who benefit from the extraction. The midstream sector is involved in shipping, pipelines, trucking and other types of transportation.
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 5 comments Most recent: Useful Oil And Gas Processing Calculations - Part #3 by yasser on March 2021
  • The downstream oil and gas industry is involved in the refining, processing and forwarding to the end user. Topics in this category include the production and retail distribution of petroleum/gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, plastics, fertilizers, natural gas, pesticides and so on.
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  • Solar Power
    Solar power is probably the biggest alternative source of energy and the main competitor to coal and gas. It has its limitations and technical challenges, but we've seen amazing progress just in the last five years. Rapid decreases in panel prices and advances in battery storage are among the standout factors that make solar power more viable all the time. We'd love to hear your thoughts on solar energy, and perhaps you can share new and exciting information in this category of the forum.
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 0 comments Most recent: Solar: The good and the bad by Jason on July 2018
  • Wind Power
    The use of wind power continues to increase year on year around the world. The benefits are clear, and wind energy has many advantages over fossil fuels. For example, wind turbines are emission-free and can be installed in remote areas that not connected to the main power grid. An advantage over solar is that no rare earth materials are used, the mining of which causes pollution. What do you think?
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 1 comment Most recent: Is wind power the future? by JenOrtega on March 2020
  • Biomass Energy
    Biomass is one of the oldest sources of energy. We burned wood for cooking and heating long before hydrocarbons were discovered. Biomass is renewable but has downsides as an energy source. Let's discuss the latest in biomass technology and see how it fits into the energy mix.
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  • Mining
    This category is for conventional mining for raw materials such as metal ore, coal or stone. It's NOT for oil and gas drilling, or crypto mining. Traditional mining has been the backbone of all industry for hundreds, even thousands of years. It still is! Mining creates the raw materials for both the fossil fuel and renewable industries.
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  • Layoffs
    Layoffs in the oil and gas industry are a regular topic. The industry is so cyclical, anyone who has been around for a while will remember the last round of job cuts. Experienced workers will remember many industry downturns. This category discusses the latest layoffs. Our moderators will try to post new reports of job losses. If you know of a new report, then please add details. There's a separate thread for each company, with details of each new job cut news from the oil companies.
    RSS Feed 22 discussions 5 comments Most recent: Halliburton Layoffs by Jason on August 2020
  • This category will feature all posts and discussions that are not strictly work related. As long as there's an oil and gas theme, feel free to post. Suggested posts include funny or unusual video clips, media coverage of the industry, jokes or funny stories.
    RSS Feed 7 discussions 3 comments Most recent: Would you listen to short, weekly LNG news? by yasser on October 2019
  • This category includes discussions about any kind of optimisation of performance and effectiveness. This could relate to individuals, teams, organisations, equipment or technology. If you have a story to tell about how a boundary was pushed effectively and safely, we want to hear about it. If you have a question in order to help yourself or others become better than they were yesterday then ask it. If you can help lift others up to higher levels then please do, we'll all appreciate it!
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 0 comments Most recent: Commitment to Excellence by Jason on February 2018
  • This section has posts related to looking for new employment and work opportunities. Posters can share knowledge and insights about tips for getting noticed by an interviewer, or creating a better CV or resume. Other topics might include employment hot spots for transient workers, or support for those who are looking for work.
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 1 comment Most recent: Are oil and gas jobs coming back? by stevejhauxwell on February 2018
  • This category has posts related to manpower services and recruitment. We encourage those on the business/employer/headhunter/executive search side of the employment equation to share their thoughts and views. This will stimulate discussion from 'workers' but any topic overtly related to job searching will be moved to that category by admin.
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