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We're not quite off the ground yet!

At the time of writing, this community is in it's early stages and there aren't many members yet. We expect that with enough hard work and diligence from the admins and moderators that this will be a very active forum. People will find us through their interest in oil and gas, energy and the interaction of other topics such as technology and the environment. Questions will be asked, and valid points will be argued.

As a previous moderator at the now defunct Oilpro, I know that as well as enthusiasts and industry players, we had another valuable set of contributors. I'm referring to bloggers, small business owners and marketers who were looking for a place to publish their articles to attract online attention.

We absolutely welcome self promotion, and those who are looking for places to post their content. In the energy industry, it's hard to find places that accept guest authors or article contributors. Be ready for your work to be critiqued and discussed openly in the Natrespro community. If you've found this post, it's likely that you're over the shyness of publishing your articles to an audience right?

Anyone can post a single sentence, to a whole page, but if you're approaching the Natrepsro community as a place to garner attention, you should follow some guidelines:

Guest post guidelines:

If you want to use the Natrespro community forum for posting promotional content, then you ought to follow standard contributor etiquette:

  1. Publish original content that hasn't been published elsewhere
  2. Make sure that there is at least some oil & gas / energy industry relevance
  3. If you're actively trying to sell something, you'll need to put some kind of disclosure in place
  4. Keep an eye on your spelling, grammar and punctuation. The odd mistake is ok, but junk will be removed
  5. Consider posting your content to social media, this will create traffic and social signals to your posts

Thats it, we're fairly flexible and laid back here, if you're proud of what you have to say, then we'll probably be just as happy with it too!

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