So, I think that I might have a job in Tarhazoute, Morocco

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I've applied for and think that I'm on a shortlist for a job with a Moroccan oil company and if I get the job, it will be on a rig in the Tarhazoute block. Has anyone else in this forum ever worked there? In my career I'm looking forward to working in interesting places, and also explore the local attractions and cultures.

I've been on vacation to Marrakesh and Casablanca but not travelled in Greater Morocco at all. Is this a good idea? For my rotational shore leave I want to make the most of my time and advance research is always a good idea.

How is the Morocco oil industry? It's not one of the most famous in the world, but they must be making some money right? I'm a welder, so not very informed on all areas of the oil business.

I'm a keen snowboarder, but I think that there is surfing in Tarhazoute, which I am not so good at, but want to practice. Can anyone recommend some Morocco surf spots?

Any advice, links, videos or photos will be appreciated! Thanks!


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    I don't know much about Moroccan oil careers, or surfing, but as moderator I did a bit of quick research on your behalf. I found a couple of really nice images to whet your appetite:

    This is a photo of Taghazout Beach, which is the closest to the Tarhazoute offshore area that you'll be working in. You can see that it's really picturesque.

    This second image is someone surfing in Sidi Mghait, which is on the same coast but further north towards Gibraltar.

    The best surfing spots in Morocco are:

    • Tarhazoute, Agadir Area
    • Dar Bouazza, Casablanca
    • Bouznika, Casablanca
    • Oualidia, Northern Rabat
    • Mehdya Beach, Rabat

    Do some research about the best times of year for each place though because they vary. It seems like Morocco is a surfing mecca of sorts.

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