Anadarko Layoffs

Anadarko Petroleum was established in 1959, named after the basin where large reserves of gas were discovered. They've developed a robust reputation, continuously pushing through industry downturns relatively intact. Most of the company history involves tales of wise acquisitions and asset sales.

The past decade have presented a number of challenges for the company. For example, Anadarko Petroleum had a stake in the Macondo Prospect, and was involved in the fallout of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. They were also found liable in the 2014 Tronox litigation and required to pay more than $5 billion in environmental cleanup costs. This was the largest case of its kind in US history.

Employees have found relative stability over the decades, and even the crash of 2009 saw the workforce unscathed. There have been 2 more recent layoff decisions however.

The recent 2015-16 oil crash resulted in job losses of 1000 in March 2016, this was 17% of it's workforce. Around the same time, the company announced that they were cutting 80% of their active drilling rig fleet, coming down to only 5.

In February 2017, Anadarko Petroleum sold it's assets in the Eagle Ford basin to Sanchez Energy and the Blackstone Group. As a result and subsequent restructuring there were job losses, around 85 people lost their jobs in the facility off the U.S. Highway 277 near Carrizo Springs.

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