Oil Trash: Is this the best fitting name for an important job?

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So, this is a semi-serious question, and I'd be really curious for a couple of self-proclaimed oil trash people to make a comment below. I know the meaning, and realise that it isn't an insult, but somehow a badge of honour?

I found this strange because similar phrases like 'white trash' or 'trailer trash' are insulting terms. Only a certain type of person would be proud to be called by an insulting term. Is this correct? Or is it the same type of people?

I hope that no-one takes offence, as I'm really curious to see what anyone has to say about this.

For the record, I'm a blue-collar worker and proud of it. The world was built on the backs of hard workers that get down and dirty, and do the jobs that most can do - or can't handle.


  • Hi Jeremy, yeah it's an interesting one. My take is that it's a bit of defiance mixed with humour.

    I've mostly been white collar, but I can imagine showing up to the bar covered in oil, grease, mud, sweat and the remains of lunch... Some in the bar might look at me as if I should go home and take a shower, then come back (or not). I can imagine that they would have negative names that they might call me.

    Many comedians go for the self-deprecating humour to show that they can take a joke as well as give it. This type of self-putdown also shows that when it comes to the sweating the small stuff, they just don't care.

    The Urban Dictionary has a funny definition of Oil trash written by someone who seems to know his stuff. He uses a couple of definitions that seem to match my suggestion:

    • cusses every other word.
    • has never been married but has had many wives.

    Light-hearted and humorous is the way I'd define it. For anyone who doesn't know who we are discussing we mean roughnecks. There are other oil workers that might also be proud of the moniker. These could include roustabouts and truckers.

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