What are smiths bits?

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Perhaps someone can enlighten me and explain about smiths bits. Is it about the shape of the drill bit? I know that with screwdrivers, you get flat head and cross head, some people call the crossheads 'Phillips screwdrivers'. Is that the case with smiths bits? Are they a different shape to normal drilling bits?

Some background: I've got myself a job as a rig hand, and have so many questions to ask. I notice that when I ask my supervisors or co-workers, I often get roasted for asking such simple/stupid questions. I know that ribbing is part of the life of a newbie in most industries, and manual professions are the worst!

So, what I plan to do, is ask some of my questions here at Natrespro. The bosses can delete anything they want and I won't mind, and at least any 'shred ripping' won't be done in person lol. If I'm wondering about who the mystery smith is, others might too?


  • Hmm... I see that you've been a rookie more than once. Don't worry Bryce, we promise that you'll only get teased a little bit here. Firstly, let's undo a previous wind up. I suspect that if you worked in a manual job before, and tried to use other peoples equipment, you would have been warned.

    It's highly likely that when you had your eyes focussed on that shiny new screwdriver (that would look better in your toolbox), that it really was Phillips screwdriver! There are only cross heads and flatheads, then some custom ones that allow car companies to charge huge fees for servicing (try to find a star headed screwdriver, the right size, and with the correct number of stars!).

    The screwdriver that you tried to get your hands on was literally Phillips! Other newbs have experienced the same when they have tried to get their hands on a 'Bobs screwdriver' or even made a grab for 'Howard's bits'.

    Hehe, couldn't resist! That roasting was much easier than in person right Bryce?

    Smith bits were a line of tools created by Smiths International. It was a blacksmiths shop that turned into a fortune 500 company. What became Smiths International was created in 1902 by Herman C. Smith, eventually bought by Schlumberger in 2010 for 11.3 billion.

    As with many takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, the original branded products and services keep their memorable name after a change of ownership.

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