Please keep this to yourself for now!

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Greetings early visitor!

We don't know how you found this page, but your visit is a little early... What you see before you is the newest extension of the NatResPro group of online product offerings. As you can see, the community forum is a little bare, as we gradually build it behind the scenes.

We had a choice - build it quietly in the garage or basement, ready for grand unveiling in a few months time... Or build it in public view, hoping that you'd be here reading this right now...

So, our gamble paid off because here you are! How serendipitous... Make your visit worthwhile for yourself, and for us by registering a new account. We don't have any automated emails or special offers lined up, nor do we plan to have any in this community.

You're in at the ground level, right at the beginning. The start of a set of wonderful new relationships with like-minded people, as well as a few opposing views that you'll be able to respect.

We probably both have relatives and associates that remember when a particular area was 'just fields' as they oversaw the development and evolution of human civilisation, right? Perhaps you've witnessed more than a few evolving achievements personally?

So here you are again, an early pioneer of a grassroots movement of energy professionals.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it.

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