Group of Excel sheets for Oil and Gas Calculations

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Liquid hydrostatic head calculation, Tank hydrostatic head calculations

Liquid and gas retention time in separators
Liquid retention time
Gas retention time

Liquid and-gas velocity in pipes
Gas compressibility factor
Reynolds number

Liquid pressure drop in pipes
Pressure drop using Hazen–Williams equation
Darcy-Weisbach eqn. ( most accurate)

Hydrate prediction and inhibition

Calculation of Viscosity of crude oil and emulsion and different temperature

Three phase separator calculation (sizing) -Different method

Three phase separator calculation (sizing)

Engineering data book method (GPSA)

Heat required for heating crude oil and emulsion

Time required to drain a tank

Two phase separator sizing
Two phase separator calculation

Two phase separator design

GPSA -Gas Processing Suppliers Association
API - American Petroleum Institute

Surface production facilities

Salt content in crude oil

Calculation of salt content in crude oil

Flow calculations using orifice
Orifice calculations
Orifice sizing

Gas metering
Liquid metering


Different methods to calculate gas pressure drops in pipes
or gas rate in case of know pressure drop and piping data

Gas Molecular weight
Gas properties at different temperature and pressure
Gas volume
Gas heating value
Compressibility factor

Mass flow to volumetic flow and vice versa

Pipe capacity - pipe weight - pipe contradiction

Flare Heat radiation

Gas to equivalent bbls of oil

Liquid and gas - simple - rule of thumps



Different methods for hydrate prediction

Horizontal tank volume calculation

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My books
Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Processing Book
Basics of Gas Field Processing Book
Prediction and Inhibition of Gas Hydrates Book
Basics of Corrosion in Oil and Gas Industry Book


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